Why don't you guys sell my waifu?
We could! Just email us your favorite character for a show and we'll look into it! We'll also be hosting some showdowns of anime series to make stickers of!

Do you guys offer fast shipping or are you going to take a month to ship?
We typically ship the next day. Where it's being shipped to varies.
(Because of this, please make sure you've ordered exactly what you want and double check)
US Residents typically take 1-5 days to ship.
Residents outside of the US take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to ship.

Can you sell our stickers on your site?
We sure can! It's pretty much like a fulfillment service where we'll sell your designs on our site, ship out your products with our fast shipping! For more information, email us at teamprojectgood@gmail.com.

Why are your stickers cheap? Is the quality bad?
Because we're stupid.
It better not be! We use AWSTICKERS for all our products so can be sure that it's not cheap stuff.

Can I make requests?
Sure. We're open to a lot of different designs and your requests might actually be picked up!